Metaethics, limitations on human judgement


Ethical Theory—Final Paper—Studies in the Limitations of Human Judgment

My paper provides reasons for believing that a complex physical process is implemented in norm acquisition, which in turn influences moral judgment (Part 1 Stich); examines two ways non-moral judgments can fail (Part 2 Kahneman); and finally provides empirical evidence on the relationship between the unconscious emotional system and moral judgment (Part 3 Greene). To think morally is a delicate operation. I do not take this paper to be supporting a given moral theory, but rather to be giving an outline of how moral judgment is done. In general, I think we should revise our practice of metaethics in ways that the following studies will point out. It requires research, description, and explanation to support hypotheses about the intuitive psychological facts affecting human judgment.

Here is a link to the pdf of my paper: Metaethics, Limitations on Human Judgment

If you are interested in the people I use for this paper,
This is Stich, and here is where more about him can be found:

This is Kahneman and where more about him can be found:

Daniel Kahneman. (Princeton University)

And this is Greene, and where more can be found out about him:



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